Our Story

Hashcube, started its journey back in 2008, with a sudoku website and has grown to be one of the few studios in India building successful casual games on freemium model.

When our co-founders started they just wanted to make games that are simple and fun to play. The ‘simplicity’ has always been the key ingredient of our games here at Hashcube. Our co-founders believed “Simple can be harder than complex”, and that approach has driven the team to make a much more simpler and fun version of the sudoku game "Sudoku Quest”. Our games are available for tablets, smartphones using both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

You can also play some of our games on Facebook. In fact, our flagship title ‘Sudoku Quest’, is the most popular Sudoku game on Facebook and one of the biggest social game titles to come out of India, having been played by over 2 million users. In the quest to attain simplicity, Hashcube has added many more kickass developers, artists and storytellers in its family, with the sole purpose to make this world a much better place, one game at a time.

Our Games

Sudoku Quest is a perfect blend of puzzle and adventure gaming genre.

In the game you start off as a sudoku-ninja (aren't ninjas cool?) on his quest to master the ‘Art of Sudoku’ and to regain the lost powers of the sudoku-ninja. The quest takes the player through variety of beautifully designed maps and islands, with inmates helping you in your quest to relearn the forgotten art and to beat the Evil Empire. So load your mobile or tablets with sudoku-quest, and be prepared to embark on this amazing quest!

The most fun Mahjong game on mobile

This is a game that keeps you occupied and it's for everyone, be it a kid or an adult . It is lite-weight in size and is also perfect to take with you on tours or vacations, and you can play it 24x7!

The simplest yet the most exciting unblock puzzle game

This Unblock puzzle has lot of logic that will make you feel on top of your mind with most of logical puzzles designed for everyone.From easy block puzzles to difficult ones there is a new challenge in every level. Unique levels to open up your blocked thoughts with cool variations, one of the best IQ puzzles that you will ever play. Not only to kill time but also to boost up your logic skills.

Sudoku playing is a simple habit to have and healthy for your brain.

Sudoku from Playzio comes with an attractive interface. It offers daily hints, thousands of brainteaser numbers puzzles and other various features. This Sudoku gameplay contains all types of difficulty Levels from flash, easy, medium, hard and expert modes, so this game is suitable for kids and adults too.

Snakes & Ladders: Online Dice!

This Dice game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck and is popular with young kids. The historic version had root in morality lessons, where a player's progression up the board represented a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes).


If you are hungry for knowledge and wish to satiate the inner nerd, we are an ideal place for you.

We are a group of passionate people coming from various parts of India, who create games and break breads together. Our lunch conversations are vivid and one which you don’t want to miss out on, where people talk about crazy things ranging from music, games, treks, cycling, bikes, politics, movies, books, colors..and what not. In this diversity, our love for making games, doing new things, or doing the old things in a new way, binds us all.

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